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Friends in Taiwan

A couple of weeks ago, I was happy to receive an email from friends who recently moved back to Taiwan after living in Portland for a year.  Roger and Lily brought their daughters Vickie and Angela to live here while Roger received specialized training in eye surgery at OHSU from a mutual friend, and we were fortunate to get to know them during that period.  We had several opportunities to talk about the importance of bringing beauty and spirit into the world through the arts, and they gave me very insightful feedback about my work.  As a mark of their friendship and support, they asked me if they could purchase a painting of mine that had caught their eye, and of course I was honored at the idea of my work going to live with them in Taiwan!  Here is their family standing with the piece before we packaged it up to go on the plane:


Our good friends the Bee Family.

Here is a detail of the piece, which consists of a delicate vintage Chinese silk painting mounted onto a canvas and embellished with stencilling and collaged fabrics.  It was such a charming little painting that I was moved to rescue it from the old, spotted silk that it was mounted on and honor it by creating a painted background that would complement and frame it for the viewer.

Bee piece


In Roger’s email, he told us that they chose to put it in the middle hallway of the home so they could see it from anywhere.  I am truly honored to have my painting “living” in the home of such lovely people, and it is very exciting to have a piece of mine in a collection 6000 miles away!

Piece in Bee home

A new home in Taiwan!


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