I make art that celebrates reflection, craftsmanship, and time-consuming labor in the pursuit of beauty.  I strive to make spiritually uplifting art, to create oases of beauty and wonder in a frenetic society that is increasingly in need of both.

Discarded doilies and remnants of embroidered fabrics are a source of inspiration for me; I derive great pleasure from rescuing them and recycling them into my beaded paintings.  I hope to honor and collaborate with the creative spirit of many generations of women, whose handiwork has often been ignored because it was not created to be displayed in a gallery.

By repurposing lovingly made decorative textiles as formal elements for compositions on canvas, I build on the labor of multiple unknown stitchers, investing many hours of my own painting and beading in order to highlight their beautiful creations as I bring my own unique visions into being.


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